Friday, February 20, 2015

Ziua de naștere (my birthday)

When i returned home from Chișinău, Mama-G told me there was a „surpriză” in my room...this is what i found: 

How sweet is that??? It was gifts from Mama-G, her boyfriend, Grigore, and her son & his family!!

I got all kinds of stuff: a nice zip-up hoodie sweater and candy from Sergio & Elona (Mama-G's son and daughter-in-law); a homemade card and balloons with drawings and writings all over them from Rada (Mama-G's 7 y/o granddaughter); a leopardish printed pj's(?) from Grigore (Mama-G's boyfriend) which is incredibly soft, but i think i'll wear them as under wear for a couple reasons: 1) it's quite form-fitting and i don't wanna be walkn around feeln all exposed, and 2) i'm not a huge fan of leopard print...but it's super soft and it was such a sweet gesture that they'll definitely get worn!!; and from Mama-G: a box of bomboane (candy) filled with nuts (which i apparently love these days) and covered in dark chocolate, instant coffee (cuz i basically live off the stuff), a spandexy workout tank top (which i love), really nice warm gloves, super girly slippers with a butterfly pattern and big pink bows ;op, and a framed "Happy Birthday" note! 

When i thanked her for everything, she said, "Of course! You're family! You're my daughter!", which made me feel really good and accepted...which was a very welcome thing to hear after i had a difficult week last week!

Balloon close-ups:

The card Rada made for me :o]

My perfectly fitting, super princess-girly-girl slippers! ;op

The delicious bomboane:

The framed birthday note:
It translates, „Health, happiness, good luck/fortune, love, success, and many many years. With love, Nina”

The next day during my 1st class (8th grade), they all surprised me with singing...

balloons and flowers...

a kid from my 6th grade class made me a card and gave me a Vărsător (Aquarius) mug...

a figurine înger (angel)


homemade trinkets...


notes (obviously made in class ;op)

and even perfume...are they trying to tell me i stink?? ;op

close-up of flowers and balloons :o]

It was a really great birthday week! Students were still giving me things through yesterday: i got another figurine angel, a candle, an apple, and one of my fave 9th grade girls made me a friendship bracelet! 

This week has been completely opposite from last week...Thank You Jesus!! :o]

La mulți ani! Fii sănătos! Noroc!


  1. They've all realized what we here have known for years: YOU ARE AN AMAZING, FUNNY, BEAUTIFUL, GIVING, LOVING, SMART, SILLY, IRRESISTIBLY HUGGABLE, CREATIVE, AND ALL-AROUND WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING!!! I'm so happy you had such a special birthday week! We miss you3>

  2. Happy Birthday, Butterfly!!!!
    What a wonderful birthday celebration! I think that its the best!!!
    X0 X0