Tuesday, February 10, 2015

classroom mgmt: behavior ladder

So, i'm trying a new behavior management technique (positive reinforement, hopefully): o scară comportament (a behavior ladder). It has 10 steps and all 5 classes (each a different colored clothespin) started at the bottom step. 9th grade gets the best deal cuz i teach them twice a week, whereas the other classes i only teach once a week, so 9th grade can potentially go up 2 steps a week. 

Once they reach the top step, we're going on o excursie (an excursion) to the Nistru River, which is within walking distance. 

It's working OK...not great, but not completely worthless either. 5th grade is the only grade that is still on the bottom step (this picture is a little old, currently 5th is still on the bottom step, 6th & 7th are on the 3rd step, and 8th & 9th are on the 4th step...obviously 9th grade doesn't realize their fullest potential...).

I'll give it this semester to see if i keep it for next year or not! 

Classroom management can be so difficult here! There aren't any consequences for actions and no incentives for students to behave (unless they're naturally inclined to do so). So i'm trying my own positive reinforcement techniques. I also have un sac de bunătăți (a goody bag) for individual students who do well during class.

...if anyone wants to donate kid-friendly stuff (stickers, fake tattoos, American candy, little games [cards, puzzles, those airplane-friendly magnetized games of checkers, chess, etc], different colored pens/pencils/markers, yo-yo's, mini booklets of paper [possibly different colors], little toys [ball on string to catch in cup], cheap nail polish, glitter, slap-stick bracelets...whatever!) Anything and everything is appreciated and i thank you (but PLEASE don't feel obligated)! I've been surprised how quickly i'm going thru stuff! 

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