Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Circulatory System

We have been covering the Circulatory System in my Form 3 Biology class. Luckily I already covered this during Model School in PST, so I am able to build off those lesson plans.

Biology involves a lot of diagrams. We do have flip chart paper at school, but there isn't very much so I try to use it sparingly. I haven't used any for the blood and blood vessels topics, but I decided I needed one for the heart.

The sky darkened and it started pouring right when I started, then the power went out. But I'm a PCV in Malawi so I don't let a few obstacles like light and power get in my way...

I did two diagrams-- one of blood movement in the body, and the other of the structure of the heart.

Here are a couple of my students using the microscope to look at a cross-section of an artery as part of today's lecture. You can see the other diagram on the wall, and a diagram of a capillary I drew on the board during my lecture.

Tomorrow the heart! We will be covering the chambers of the heart as well as blood movement through the heart. Hopefully we have time for a group activity I have planned too.


  1. that's awesome!! it's crazy you did that by candelight!

    1. Luckily the power came back after I finished drawing the first diagram. It was tough trying to see in that little circle of light from the candle. It made me really appreciate proper lighting.