Wednesday, February 4, 2015

biscuit (cookie/wafer thingy)

If there is one thing Moldovans love, it's sweets! So far i haven't liked any of the ones i've tried enough to go out and buy them. One of the most popular sweets people eat are wafer-like cookies. They're OK...until i discovered the one below in Mama-G's bomboane (candy)/biscuiți (cookies) jar! It was a wafer-like cookie covered in dark chocolate (dark chocolate is more common here than milk it should be everywhere!) and was pretty delicious! I only took a picture of the wrapper cuz it's so darn cute! 

...Supposedly there are wild foxes in Moldova...the only wildlife i have seen (besides birds) have been 3 red squirrels...maybe they were all the same squirrel i saw 3 times, who knows...

1 comment:

  1. Dark chocolate?!?! I am so there! And we will have to go in search of the foxes of Moldova. Maybe there is a certain forest or preserve they live in?