Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sofia, Bulgaria - Free Walking Tour

Sofia, Bulgaria was AWESOME! For a capital city it's pretty small and so quaint and cute! There are quite a few walking tours (free and paid) that happen daily at different times, which we took advantage of. The day we arrived (after sleeping overnight in the Sofia airport because we landed at like 1am) we went to our hostel (Hostel Mostel, which was really great also!) and immediately went on a walking tour. Below is one of many beautiful churches in Sofia.

This church was part of the "old town". They've built modern Sofia all around it, so it's an interesting time capsule.

When they were recently excavating to build a new road, they unearthed what you see below...a whole city! Rather than tear it down and continue with their plans of road building, they are preserving it and redesigned the road plans to go around it. 

This beautiful building used to be a bath house. There are natural mineral springs underneath that used to be used for the baths. Currently it is a museum about the history of Sofia, but according to our tour guide, there are talks of making it into a bath house again.

Here's me drinking the mineral water that constantly flows out of a fountain in front of the building. There are these natural springs all over the city that people bring bottles to fill up. This particular spring was warm.

Here's another spring was cold and refreshing.

Sofia has so many wonderful parks! This one was very popular with people playing live music (jazz...reminded me of New Orleans), sitting out of cafes, lying on the grass, strolling the was very nice.

This used to be a palace, but now it's an art school.

Soviet art in a park.

This is Sofia Church...what the city of Sofia is named after.

If you look closely in the tree, you can see a bell. That's the church's a tree!

Another beautiful church.

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