Sunday, October 23, 2016

COS trippn' 5th stop: Athens - Ruins

Our 1st stop in the Northern Hemisphere was Athens, Greece...not my fave place. Athens is a modern city mixed with ancient ruins, which could be nice if not for the ubiquitous graffiti (tagging, not cool street art) and just overall dirtiness and griminess of the city. We even witnessed 2 dudes shooting up on the sidewalk in the middle of the day. We walked by so many people slumped over passed out from drugs on door stoops. It was sad. The cute section of the city was tucked away in little side streets near Acropolis. 

We went to Acropolis, but the line was never-ending and it was under construction, so we decided to just look at it from a distance. There's a marble hill with a great view of it and the city where we and many others went to take photos.

View of the city from the marble hill.

A view of the never-ending line to get into Acropolis. This photo really doesn't do it justice though.

The Arch of Hadrian across from Acropolis. You can see Acropolis through the arch.

The Temple of Zeus. You had to pay to go in, so we just took photos from the fence.

Our view from Athen's Choice hostel/hotel. Even though i wasn't impressed with Athens, in general, Athen's Choice was a great place to stay. The staff was great and very accommodating, and they served a delicious complimentary breakfast every morning! One morning we had to leave early for a tour and they packed us a complimentary lunch to go! They were awesome!! :oD

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