Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sofia - Balkan Bites Food Tour

Another tour we went on was a Balkan Bites Food Tour. It is called Balkan Bites rather than Bulgarian Bites because so much of Bulgaria's and Eastern Europe's history is a hodge-podge of various cultures and people, that it's hard to differentiate one from another. After living 2+ years in Moldova, i found that to be true. So many of the foods we ate were very similar to traditional Moldovan foods as well, with only slight variations.

Below is where we met for the food tour. It is a sculpture of one of Bulgaria's fallen, yet beloved leaders, who apparently took an axe to the head and died a few days later from infection.

Our first stop was Supa Star, a soup restaurant. Like Moldova, soup is a very important meal in Bulgaria and eaten everyday. In the summer, a popular soup is cold and made from yogurt and dill. 


Next we went to an underground place that served savory and sweet pastries. In Moldova they're called Placinta, but i forget what their Bulgarian name is. 

And they were delicious as well! We got to try the one stuffed with Bulgarian of my favorites in Moldova too (except with Moldovan cheese, which is very similar). Mama-G made them all the time! :o]

Next we went to a hip little restaurant that is vegan. It was also really good. We got to try 2 different breads with different toppings.

This restaurant was our guide's favorite. It's so adorable!

We tried 3 different Bulgarian cheese spreads on bite-sized bread pieces.

And, of course, Bulgarian wine. Here is our guide with our wine samples.

This was another tour we did. It was a Bulgarian culture tour. Our guide took us to a tea shop and we got to sample tea and jam made from roses. That was all the shop sold...everything was made from a very specific type of rose. I usually don't like very floral types of food, but this was so good...not over-powering, very light and subtly sweet.

Our last night there we went on a pub crawl. One of the places we went to was an old barn with no electricity. It used to be invite only, but has just recently opened it's doors to the public...if you can find it.

It was completely lit with candles. All the melted wax was so cool! 

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