Friday, October 28, 2016

Kiev - Free Walking Tour 2

When Stacy was feeling better, we went on another Free Walking Tour...and we were the only ones! 

They have some pretty unusual sculptures around the city. This one shows 2 street lamps dressed as sailors, embracing on a bench. Our guide told us that they actually change their outfits every so often.

This is the "gate" into Kiev.

Another interesting sculpture of a tree with chairs hanging from it.

One of many beautiful churches in Kiev.

Inside the church.

A well...

...a wishing well, in fact! You're supposed to put a coin on a spiget and if it stays your wish comes true. Mine stayed! YAY! :oD

Another interesting sculpture. This one represents a man who had 2 girlfriends: 1 who he was in love with, who was beautiful, but poor; and the other was ugly but rich. He ended up marrying the rich ulgy one. It's believed that if you touch them in 3 places at once, you'll be lucky in love.

This is a new statue...can you see how small it is? It represents a Ukrainian soldier in battle with a dragon, which represents Russia. It was erected in 2015.

The old gate to the city.

Another good luck statue.

This might be my favorite sculpture in Ukraine. It's a cat made of forks climbing a tree.

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