Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kayaking on the Nistru!

I went on a 4 day kayaking trip with fellow PCVs (13 of us total) with the Moldovan tour group: Hai la țară. The tour guide, Alex, is from Transnistria and he started this tour guide business over a year ago and is doing really well! He's tapping into a pretty much untapped potential gold mine of tourism in Moldova. 

The trip is usually 5 days, but he condensed it into 4 days for us (some of the other PCVs couldn't commit to the full 5 days). The tour included 4 days (about 6ish hours per day) of kayaking down the Nistru River, with stops for lunch, hiking around, waterfalls, monasteries - all with very interesting history lessons from Alex (he speaks Romanian, Russian, and English...maybe more). 

Two of the three nights we stayed with host families who prepared traditional Moldovan mese (feasts) with us. The last night we stayed in a dorm-style hotel with more traditional food served.

It was a really great time and definitely something to do if ever in Moldova!

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