Tuesday, August 30, 2016

COS trippn' 3rd stop: Swakopmund, Namibia - Township Tour

After sand boarding we went on a "Cultural and Township Tour". We didn't quite know what we were signing up for.

The Township is the area just a ten minute drive outside of Swakopmund, where most of the black Namibians live.

This was from a preschool we stopped at. Spongebob is beloved on multiple continents.

The town is full of makeshift shacks, but the street signs & curbs at the street signs sure are nice...?

This little shop was really similar to the barbershops in the villages of Malawi. Only in Malawi you don't see many dreadlocks.

The last stop was to the home of a local in the township for some traditional foods and singing. We started off drinking homemade ginger beer (non alcoholic). It was great! This is the rest of the tour group we were with.

A local choir sang a few different songs in a beautiful harmony. One was from the Lion King.

They also prepared some traditional foods for us to try. There was a maize dish that tasted very similar to nsima, Malawi's staple food. You rolled it into a ball to eat with the side dish, just like in Malawi.

The side dish shown just under the maize dish was tripe. I didn't know it was intestines till after I ate it. It was pretty good. A little chewy. The green one was spinach.

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