Saturday, August 27, 2016

COS trippn' stop 2: Cape Town - Free Walking Tour: District 6

So, these posts are a bit out of order...Stacy and i are blogging together for the first time since starting this blog, so we're a work in progress :op. 

That said, this is on the plane from Jo'burg to Cape Town (the previous post we're already in Cape Town...opa!). Notice the happy smiling faces before they die in a firey &/or drowning crash. Pleasant.

Our first glimpse of Cape Town! YAY! :oD

This is the building where Nelson Mandela gave his first speech after being released from prison.

Cool street art. It represents the decades from the sixties thru the nineties of how South Africa looked politically during those decades. Our Free Walking Tour guide, Ken, said there are plans to paint over it soon with something more up-to-date.

More great street art. Like the statue in Jo'burg, this also represents the women that protested apartheid together...notice the baby on the back.

This is St. Mark's church which stood its ground and refused to relocate during apartheid so a college could be built there in it's place (because it's prime property for the area). The church was offered to be moved stone by stone and rebuilt exactly the same in another area and $1 million. They refused. Then they were offered $2 million and the "hassle-free" move. They refused. So, the college built around the church...and the church stands there til this day as a functioning church, surrounded by a college campus.

Table Mountain can be seen from many different angles in Cape Town, and in many different places there are these big yellow frames framing Table Mountain behind it. I liked the Nelson Mandela art in the frame with Table Mountain behind it.

This is world-famous Charly's for it's cupcakes and quiches! So of course we had to go! Even the building is super adorable!! :o]

The cupcakes did not disappoint. On the left is the lemon meringue cupcake (my fave of the 2) and on the right is the vanilla w/chocolate fudgey center topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with peppermint (Stacy's fave). They were expectedly delicious!

Notice anything unusual about this photo?
There's just a random statue of a cow standing inbetween 2 buildings. Interesant.

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