Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sunday breakfast, just like old times

Something that helps me get by here in Malawi is to focus on what I do have here, instead of what I am missing. So I enjoy the fresh, local tropical fruits like bananas and mangos and guavas, instead of longing for berries and peaches.

But sometimes it is nice to have a little taste of home. Back in the States I used to have a french toast breakfast with eggs and coffee every Sunday morning. It was a tradition that my Mom started in my childhood, when she made pancakes for breakfast every Sunday before we went to church. (FYI - my Mom makes the best pancakes in the world. I can't wait to have some when I go home next year.)

I haven't bothered making pancakes or french toast much here because, let's face it, it just isn't the same without maple syrup. And while we have a lot of crops here, maple trees are not one of them.

But all that changed when I opened my care package from Becca and Brandon this week. The box was filled with some of my favorite things, including... maple syrup!!! This called for a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than to make a pancake breakfast?

 (I know it doesn't look pretty, but it tasted amazing. Trust me.)

Thank you so much! It was a wonderful little taste of home on a Sunday morning : )

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  1. ah yes, the little things that we so take for granted. Glad you have some treats now and then to remind you of home. It is also amazing how quickly the time goes. Half way through and the entire experience will be a treasured memory, good and bad, but treasured. I still love to listen to Chris's stories of his time in Ethiopia.