Monday, June 1, 2015

Live like a PCV for a Day Challenge

It's June, and that is a special occasion here on the Peace Corps Sisters Blog. In June of 2014 both of us left our family, friends, jobs and homes in the USA to travel across the world and become Peace Corps Volunteers. It's been quite an adventure and we have had fun sharing our experiences with all of you on this blog. So many things have changed for us, like the way we bathe and cook and get around and even the way we speak.

To celebrate, we have decided to offer up a challenge to all of you! During the month of June, we want each of you to live like a PCV for a day. Choose one activity from the list below, and do it for one day. Then let us know (with a comment to this post or an email) about how it went for you.

Live like a PCV for one day during the month of June! Pick one of these activities to do for one day:

  • Take a bucket bath using water that was heated on the stove
  • Treat your drinking water - boil & filter all water before you drink it or brush your teeth with it
  • Use only candles or flashlights after dark
  • Only use water from your outdoor tap for one day
  • Wash all your laundry by hand and dry on a clothesline
  • Pee in a bucket after dark
  • Go without electricity
  • Go without refrigeration
  • Take only public transport and sit next to a stranger
  • Walk to an outdoor market and buy all the vegetables and grains you will eat that day

During your day, why not greet someone in one of our local languages?

  • In Chichewa, you can say "Muli bwanji?" (how are you?).  The typical response is "Ndili bwino" (I'm fine)
  • In Romananian, you can say "Bună ziua" (boona zeewa) which means "Good day".

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