Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New PCVs on the way

The PC Health and Environment trainees arrived in Malawi last month. Last week they received their site assignments and went on their site visits.

Guess what-- we are getting a new PCV here in Mulanje! She will be living near the mountains, working in forestry and preventing invasive species.

I went to visit her at her new site. She lives pretty far from the road so it took a while to walk there, but the view was lovely.

It was a really fun visit. We hiked to a waterfall, picked pineapples with a grower, and checked out a tree nursery. We also cooked over an open fire (she has no electricity), made guacamole from some avocados her neighbors brought over, and just had a great time talking about this crazy thing called being a PCV. She is really fun and sweet and I'm happy she's joining our district.

With the arrival of the new PCTs, my 2014 Education group are no longer the newbies. It's fun to think how much i have learned in the time I have been here.

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