Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Wildlife Sanctuary

My garden is so colorful right now! The marigolds are all blooming in oranges and yellows.

More cucumbers are ready to harvest, and I've got my first peas coming in.

There are all kinds of bugs and birds and reptiles and amphibians hanging out in my yard now. I saw a toad in the grass this morning and a little frog in my garden. Someday I'll post all the cool insect pics I've been taken.

A little songbird was in my yard today. It must have fallen out of it's nest. The neighbor kids were over and saw it first. They immediately went for it, but I know how the kids treat living creatures here, and it is not kind, so I shooed them away from it. They kept sneakily going after it, and told me they cook and eat them! So it was clear it was time for them to go. No judgments about the food choice, but I never let the kids kill or catch anything in my yard. Not spiders or lizards or grasshoppers or bees or now fledgling songbirds like this one.

My yard might be the only safe place for wild creatures in the whole village. It's like my own little wildlife sanctuary.

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