Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maprizes for Students

School is still going here in Malawi, but term three is almost over. They have more of a year-round schedule here, so thre is only a six week break at the end of the year. I taught my last classes of the 2014-2015 school year already, and now all that is left is the terminal exams. I'll be giving those next week.

During my last Form 1 Physical Science class I gave awards to the students that completed every homework assignment. Seven students (out of around 87) came up in front of the class to receive their masweeties (candy) and maprizes. I gave them a pencil, a notebook, two candies and a big sticker of their choice. There were a lot of homework assignments this term so I was really proud of them for turning them all in.

I also used stickers as a homework incentive a few weeks ago. We were learning about physical and chemical changes. I told the students if they could give an example of a physical and chemical change I would put a sticker in their notebook. As I hoped, I had a higher rate of homework submissions than usual, and I was able to give out quite a few stickers.

Thanks for the stickers, Mom. I'm putting them to good use!

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