Tuesday, September 6, 2016

COS trippn' 5th stop: Jo'burg...again

Back in Jo'burg. We stayed in a different area than the first time...still not our fave place. 

Abortion stickers still abound.

The hostel we were supposed to stay at cancelled our reservation without informing us and sent us to another hostel... thankfully they had room. We even got a room to ourselves, which was nice...even though it smelled like thousands of cigarettes have been smoked in that room's life.
There's Stacy in her cave bed.

Lucky was a bird they had there. He & I had a great time together! I taught him 2 different whistles that he would whistle when he wanted my attention. He also could say, "Lucky is a pretty boy". I loved him. He was my fave part of Jo'burg.

As you can see, we were happy to leave. Don't think we'll be back anytime soon.

Bye Africa! 

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