Friday, September 2, 2016

COS trippn' 4th stop: Victoria Falls

We went to Vic Falls during the dry season, but even so, the Falls fell & we're still amazing! We actually first went to the Falls during the moonbow, so it was at night during the full moon and we got to see a phenomenon not found a lot of places in the world: a lunar rainbow, or moonbow. It was so beautiful! After my eyes adjusted I could actually see the different colors of the rainbow in it! 

The white cloud-like thing is the spray from the Falls. We could feel it from the top! 

During the wet season, the falls cover the whole cliff!

On our way out we came across a monkey & her baby! They were so calm and didn't care that people were right next to them taking pictures!

After we left we went to a restaurant called The Lookout Cafe that was built on a cliff (& part of it hanging over the cliff) that looked out over the gorge. I actually felt a little dizzy looking over the edge. 

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  1. Amazing! Your photos are great! And monkeys too! I'm in heaven!