Friday, July 8, 2016

Dedza Trip

For my third and final 4th of July holiday weekend in Malawi, I decided to go visit my friend Sheila in Dedza. Dedza is in the central region of Malawi, and is known for its colder climate, abundant potatoes and the rock art. It’s been on my to-do list to visit here, and since I COS this month(!) it was a good time to make the trip up.

We met up in the Boma at the bus depot and had lunch (beans and rice and veggies, always one of my local favorites) before heading over to Dedza Pottery. Dedza Pottery is a cute little lodge, café and shop where they sell handmade plates, cups and all other kinds of pottery. In honor of the holiday weekend, we decided to stay here for the night. Our room was really nice, especially the spacious bathroom with tiled floors and walls. The tiles over the sink featured zebras. Very cool.

One thing missing at “The Pottery” (as it is called locally) was good internet though. No wi-fi and the internet access was about the same as in my village. So much for getting work done. But we had fun playing word games and hanging out. The food was really good, and I finally got to try the cheesecake that I had heard so much about. It was more like firm bread pudding than cheesecake, but still tasty.

The next day we headed to Sheila's site. From there it was just a short walk to a place where we could see Prehistoric petroglyphs. Here are some photos:

It was a great weekend, even despite the fact that I was battling a cold-flu thing the whole time. It’s mostly gone now except for a bit of a runny nose and cough. Hopefully this will be my last sickness in Malawi. But not my last trip—I still have one or two more things I want to do before I finish my service.

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