Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why I haven't been blogging

I am way behind with blogging. It's not because nothing is going on, believe me. I took a trip to Mozambique, I've been busy teaching physical science to Forms 2-4, I did Camp Sky!!!, I had my COS Conference and I have less than two months in my service.

So why I haven't I been blogging?

The main reason is this:

This message makes me so sad : (

Almost everytime I try to do anything at my phone when I'm at my site, I see this message above. My cellular internet has gotten to the point where even WhatsApp only works half the time. Phone calls don't come through a lot, and I lose service at lest once a day. So doing a blog post is pretty much out of the question, especially if I want to upload a photo.

That means I have to go to the city to get 3G data so I can post. Which I have done over the past two months. Quite a bit actually, between vacation and camp prep. But I've been so busy when I'm there that I just didn't find the time to sit down and to write and reflect on my experiences.

But now I'm running out of time, and I know you're all dying to hear about Camp and the snake in my bafa and how the kids tore all my sweet potatoes out of my garden and how my Form 2s are starting their National Exams. So I'll try to write some posts at my site and then post them the next time I'm in the city.

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