Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just carrying some chickens...

Mama-G bought about 30 adolescent chickens. She arrived to the house in a van with like 5 other helpers & a probably 3 y/o little girl to help deliver them to the coop. 

As they were carrying them in, the little girl started swinging on the porch swing. Then everyone left except for this little girl, whom I've never met, & me. She quickly realized my language difficulties & left...I guess she went home...?

A little later Mama-G returned & asked me to help her move the older chickens to a different area closed off from the newer chickens cuz the older chickens would fight with the newer ones. My job was to receive the older chickens, one by one over the fence from Mama-G and put them in their new coop...for someone who has never held a live chicken before (me, duh), that 1st chicken proved to be quite comical for Mama-G to witness. She handed it over to me, but I didn't understand how to hold it exactly, & let it go before putting it in its new coop & then it tried to escape & was running all around me bawking & flapping its wings... meanwhile, Mama-G was cracking up on the other side of the fence watching me try to re-pick-up the chicken as its bawking, flying, & running all around me. Eventually I was able to pick it up & put it in the coop... 1 down, about 20 more to go...

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