Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt!

This year Easter celebrated in America and elsewhere in the world was on March 27, but Orthodox Easter (which most Moldovans observe) is on May 1. 

I decided to have an Easter egg hunt with all of my classes to celebrate non-Orthodox Easter. Thanks to my American peeps (no pun intended), i was able to do so cuz they sent me the plastic eggs (about 150 of them), American candy, and even peeps! I also included slap bracelets (thank you again America), Moldovan candies, 7 lei per class (in 1 leu bills), $1USD per class, stickers, and free points. All the kids had a blast! :oD

Here was my set-up. It took quite awhile to fill all those eggs!

This is my 9th grade class with my partner, Natalia in the white on the left. They were my last class of the day and 3 of my 6th grade boys came back before the 9th graders came, as i was still hiding the eggs, and stole some of them, including the one with the $1USD! I was sooooooooooo mad! So for punishment i took away any points they got from the eggs and made them apologize in person to the 9th grade class...they were so embarrassed! Overall, it was a succes!

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