Saturday, December 19, 2015

To catch a Mouserat

When I was sick, both Colii and my Mom felt it was very important to tell the doctors about the mouserat. The doctor said that could have been a factor, or it could have been something else. Nobody really knows.

But when I got home and saw how the Mouserat had pooped all over my kitchen, including on the hot plate and where I dry my dishes, and that it had again dragged my dish sponge away, I considered the possibility that it had in fact been the Mouserat.

The next morning as I was going through my purse, and I realized I had left a granola bar in it, and that the Mouserat had found it first, the possibility seemed more likely.

Apparently the Mouserat also likes dark chocolate:

Then last night it scampered along my headboard, waking me up. I tried to shake the headboard to scare it way, but it kept coming back after I would lay down. Clearly it is not afraid of me. Then I could feel it moving under my pillows! Granted, there is a mosquito net separating us, and it was separated by two pillows from me, but that is way too close for comfort. This has got to stop. Maybe this rodent did get me sick after all.

So I am trying to build my own Mouserat trap. I tried this last night, but apparently the gap was too big and it was able to get the rice underneath without upsetting the bucket. I'll try again tonight.

I'm trying to look up other catch-traps online, but my internet is really bad in the village so usually I can't open any links. I will have to try to search the web the next time I am in the City.

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