Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Boxing Day from Malawi

Boxing Day is a National Holiday in Malawi. It has its origins with the British. There are different accounts of how it started, but it seems most likely that it began as the servant's day to celebrate Christmas, the day after the actual Christmas.

For my last Boxing Day in Malawi I went up to a place called Mushroom Farm near Livingstonia in Malawi. To get there you need to go up a very steep, winding road. We caught a ride on the back of a matola (large pick up truck).

The views here are incredible. You can see mountains and the lake for miles. At night we could see lightning far off in the distance. It was gorgeous.

Here is the little mini-dorm tent we stayed in. It looks like a little fairy house from the outside.

We hiked to some nearby waterfalls the next day. We were in a low cave when I took this photo.

This is on the way back to Mushroom Farm. Those spiky plants in the foreground are pineapple plants.

In the evenings we read and played Bananagrams and watched the lightning. And enjoyed the delicious food. Lentil dahl, salad, eggplant curry... so good.

On the way down we didn't get a ride, so we walked down. It took around two hours or so. We had some great views and I got to use some neglected muscles.

It was quite a journey to get up North, but I'm really glad I went. I saw a new and unique part of Malawi, met new people, and had some new experiences. That's what being in PC is all about.

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