Friday, May 1, 2015

Paștele blîjinilor (Memorial Easter)

Like most other holidays in Moldova, Easter also has 2 celebrations! There is Orthodox Easter, which i wrote about in an earlier post, and a Memorial Easter, which is celebrated the Sunday and Monday following Orthodox Easter. 

Paștele blînjilor was my favorite Moldovan tradition/custom that i've experienced so far! The tradition is to go to the cemeteries where loved ones are buried and basically have a picnic! Every grave has a permanent picnic table. What makes this tradition so awesome is that everyone partakes in it, so the cemeteries are FULL OF LIFE, LOVE, LAUGHTER, and, of course, BOOZE! ;op

Mama-G at her parents' graves:
Isn't she so cute??!! I LOVE HER!!!

The Priest blessing the food. He went around to each grave blessing them. We ended up waiting a couple hours for him to get to us...which means no eating or drinking until the food is blessed...which would have been ok, but that day was FREEZING and drizzling, so the wait was a little painful. But despite the not-so-great weather, it was still my favorite Moldovan tradition!

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