Monday, May 25, 2015

Moldovan amusement park...yikes

Sooooo...we found an amusement park in Chișinău...

You pay by the ride. 

When we saw the rides, they looked inoperable...but we were wrong. Below is the roller coaster. It goes in a circle with little, yet very jerky, hills. Apparently this amusement park is quite the hit with Moldovans because a wedding party was there! I took a picture of them on the roller coaster :o]

There's the bride!

Our turn!

Ya, just some broken down parts sittn' against the ticket booth.

This is one of those spinney rides that plasters you against the wall by it's G-force. We thought for sure it was broken down...again, we were wrong.

Our turn! Saying our prayers ;op

Amanda's a little concerned...

But it was pretty fun :oD

A carnival game...? I guess they give you something sharp to throw at the balloons.

Sketchy swings.

 We had to try em out! As we were swinging our feet could touch the bushes! Kinda funny.

The slowest ferris wheel ever.

And yet still managed to be scary.

Then there was this...panda dog and a sweater-wearing monkey!

I guess the monkey was probably tired of getting his picture taken all the time, so he buried his head in the chair when i pulled out my camera! How funny! And sad :o[ And, i guess, kinda sums up our mini amusement park adventure!


  1. These remind me of the traveling amusement rides from the 1950s. When a person was responsible for their own safety. . .and survived the experience!! Great fun and an opportunity to test one's bravery!!!