Monday, May 25, 2015


I had my final review of the year last week! YAY! 

Before every test this school year, we have played Jeopardy to review, and the kids LOVE it! So, of course, we did the same for the final review too! I chose 10 topics over the past year to review: 

Ce este sănătate? (What is Health?)
Ce este nutriția? (What is Nutrition?)
Exerciții fizice pentru sănătatea mea (Physical Exercise for My Health)
Igienă personală (Personal Hygine)
Spălarea Mîinilor (Hand Washing)
Bolilor transmisibile contra netransmisibile (Communicable vs. Noncommunicable Diseases)
Ce este diabetul? (What is Diabetes?)
Pericolele fumatului (The Dangers of Smoking)
Pericolele abuzului de alcool (The Dangers of Abusing Alcohol)
Pubertate (Puberty)

How we play:

1) I divide the class into 3 teams (you can kind of see the columns on the left chalkboard that are numbered 1,2,3). 

2) I choose which team goes first and second by asking a health-related questions, both of which are also 2 of the Jeopardy questions and will of course be on the test. Whichever team i see who raises a hand first, gets to answer first. If they get the question right, they get to go first. If they answer wrong, one of the other 2 teams can answer by raising their hands (again, whoever i see raises their hand first, gets to answer). If the second team answers wrong, then the third team has a chance. If they all answer wrong, i tell them the answer and choose another question to ask and the process begins again until we have the order in which the teams go.

3) For each team's turn, i use the green ball (it has a smiling onion on it...appropriate for health class :o]) to choose who gets to come to the board to choose the keeps them orderly and keeps them from all rushing to the board at once. And they like to catch the ball.

4) Once a student chooses a category and it's accompanying points, they read the question aloud to the class. Only the team who's turn it is is allowed to answer. They can use their notes from class and can work as a team (within their respective teams, of course).

5) If they don't know the answer or answer wrong, then whichever team i see who raises a hand first can answer (like at the beginning). If no team gets the right answer, i tell them the right answer and no team gets the points.

* The points is where it gets interesting. They're not all necessarily worth their face value and they're not all necessarily point blank questions. Some of my variations include:
- free points
- draw something on the board (ie: the Health Triangle, determining portion sizes using your hand, etc.) 
- demonstrate something (ie: a type of exercise, where and how to determine your pulse, etc.)
- all the teams play for the points within a certain time frame, and whoever has the most correct answers wins 
- get another chance to go again (if they get it right)
- receive 10 points for every correct answer (for a question with multiple answers)

6) Then there are the bonus questions. They aren't allowed to choose the bonus questions until they complete an entire category. The bonus questions are real wild cards...some may be worth 100 points while others are only worth 10.

At the end of class they tally up their points. Each student on the winning team gets to pick a goody from the goody bag! It's a lot of fun :o]

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