Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day from the other side of the world!!

Happy Mother's Day from Malawi and Moldova!

Being a PCV required leaving behind our family, friends and basic modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and electricity. It takes a daily commitment to be here, doing what we hope is meaningful work for the people of Malawi and Moldova. But it takes more than that-- it takes our Moms!

To my Amayi (Mom), all the way from Malawi:

Mom, it's not our first Mother's Day apart, but there has never been quite so many miles between us on this day. I wish I was there to give you flowers and cook you breakfast and watch a Lifetime movie with you, and go to Kohls and get a latte and take a walk around the lake, and just basically spend the whole day trying to let you know how much you mean to me. I admire you so much for your strength, your faith, your generosity and your goodness. I am really blessed to have you for my Mom. You have always loved me and supported me no matter what, and it has meant so much to me to know you are always there. I'm an adult, but I will always need my Mom!

Thank you for all your letters and care packages and phone calls too. Without you, it would be a lot harder to be here, maybe impossible. Thank you for taking care of things for me while I am away, and for your support and love as I go through this crazy adventure called Peace Corps. I couldn't do this without you! Whatever good I do here is made possible with your help. Ndathokoza kwambiri! I love you!

To Mama mea (my mom), all the way from Moldova:

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! 

I know you know i love you, but you could never know how much. God wholly blessed me by giving you to me to be my mom! I thank Jesus for you EVERYDAY. Thank you for being the BEST mom i could ever have! Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me, unconditionally. Thank you for your continual support, even with my sometimes perplexing, often crazy life decisions. I know i can rely on you for honest, yet gentle advice. And although i don't always heed your advice, i know i have your support and love no matter what, and that is worth everything! 

Iubesc și dor de tine foarte mult (I love and miss you so much) and can't wait to celebrate Mother's Day 2017 WITH you!! :oD ...or maybe even 2016 if you're in Moldova with ME :o]

I hope you have a day FULL of overflowing love (after sleeping in as late as you want, of course), accompanied by your favorite flowers (lalele - tulips), dark chocolate gooeyness (brownies with chocolate chips and walnuts), dinner at your favorite restaurant (The Cheescake Factory), and (a) gift card(s) to your favorite shopping destination(s) (Macy's & TJ Maxx), that you deserve (Are you getting my hints Phil and Dad??)! 

Know that my thoughts and prayers are always with you! 

LOVE your favorite kid...i mean, daughter ;op, cole

P.S. PPPLLLLEEEEEEZZZZ give the mudg-girlz overflowing LOVE from her Mama! :o] And thank you for taking care of her while i'm away!!

Mama-G gave me her 1st bloomed Iris of the season, so i'm celebrating you with it! Every time i look at  it on my windowsill i think of you!

Aren't we cute? :o] I had such a fun time with you in China and am so looking forward to your trip to Moldova next year!!

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