Friday, May 1, 2015

Chișinău Internațional Marathon

This past Sunday a bunch of us PCVs (and thousands of others) ran (and walked) in the 2nd Chișinău International Marathon (the 1st one was in 1986!)! Well, most of us did the 10k (including myself) and some of us did he 1/2 marathon. There was also a 3k "Fun Run" that i know at least 1 of us did :o]

It was perfect weather and i did pretty good, considering i hadn't trained for it! 1:21 was my time :o]

Left to right: Christine, Rosza, Mike, Ann, me, Rosemary, Aana, Monica.

Hi Jeff!!

You're doing great Rosza!!

Strong work Adrin, Monica, and Ann!

Way to go Sydney!

You did it Christine!! Congrats!

I love this picture! Way to go Rosza!!

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