Friday, May 1, 2015

China!! are just some of the probably too many China photos i took when i was privileged to visit in March!

Flying over frozen Russia.

Even the ashtrays in the hotel were nice! But, since they were so nice, people didn't actually use them...instead there were cigarette butts on the nice floors! 

The 1st day we went to a place called "Water City". It's a little town that sits on a lazy river. Below are my mom, me, and Linda. :o]

This is the lazy river with the little huts right on the water.

They make "Chinese white wine" at the Water City and bottle it in huge clay jars.

This is the "white wine" being made...and it's definitely NOT's more like a moonshine.

They also hand-dye these cool fabrics to be used for clothing, scarves, purses, etc.

This lovely older man demonstrates how the fabric is designed and dyed by hand.

After the embossed pattern is painted on, it gets dyed blue.

And then hangs out to dry.

I took a lot of random photos of stuff i just thought was cool or interesting. Here is tricycle type of bike with a trunk! :oD

Had to get a taste of the hanging dryed fish...

This year is the Year of the Goat/Sheep.

My dad's eyes were irritated, so we went to a pharmacy to get some eye drops...

This is the 1st hotel we stayed at...a 5 star hotel...with a REAL king sized bed! An ACTUAL for realz BED!!! I slept sooooooooo wellllllll!!! I didn't move once during any night's sleep! It felt GREAT!!!

The view from my hotel window...that foggy haze hung around for most of the trip. Squampus is taking in the view :o]


The factory that my dad's boss does business with.

This girl was a sewing master! She had her earphones in and her sewing rhythm down! It was hypnotizing to watch! She's so good, she even does it well in those high-heeled sneakers! Amazing!!

We took a bullet train to Beijing.

Here is "Uncle" Chen (left) and Michael (right). Uncle Chen is Dwight's (my dad's boss) business associate. Michael also works with them and provided language interpretation between Uncle Chen and us.

Linda and Dwight! Thank you for inviting me on such an AMAZING trip of a LIFETIME!!!

Dad :o]

Mom :o]

Squampus and me!

Squampus enjoying the ride!

The train station in Beijing.

Almost every sign in China includes some kind of cuteness! Even security signs show cute police people! How adorable is that??

Cute, and a little weird, fan people.

2nd hotel: The Ritz frkn Carlton!! Again...a for realz, king sized, actual BED!!!

And actual stand-up shower!

This is a super fancy restaurant we ate dinner at.

We had our own private room to eat in! I love the Lazy Susan! It's all about eating family style in China! I love that!!

Look at that menu! It's a book! And a big book at that!!

Couldn't help myself.

At least they have a choice in their toilet preferences!

On the chair lift/gondola to The Great Wall!!

My mom HATES heights...she is absolutely hating this moment and is really hating me capturing it on camera ;op

This is the way back down: luging! My mom wasn't too happy about that either!

The Great Wall!

Can you tell they're on an inclince?? :oD

Linda with our tour guide, "Nancy" (her American name).

Bye mom!!

Selfie + Linda :o]

Couldn't help myslef.

heehee... "Mexican Tomato Chicken Flavor"

The famous Pearl Market.

Guess what restaurant this is??...
Pizza Hut!!!

These were fun chocolate bars we found in a cool grocery store we found.

"Sheephead soup cooked with oat soup"...interesting.

More random cuteness.

Cool art.

Dude selling cotton candy in fun shapes, while smoking, of course.

One of many many Starbuck's in China!

Nice wire work.

Just adorable!

Fun random art.

They have very interesting vehicles in China.

Look closely:
The steering wheel is bike handles!

Nancy's other job: her and her sister build and sell high quality awesome bicycles...she happened to see one of her bikes out and about!

Nancy told us this is a traditional Chinese sweet. It's hardened sugar glazed hawthorns.

Mom's nervous...

Linda's a little apprehensive...

But they were actually quite delicious!!

More to come...

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  1. Amazing pics! Love the dog and cat candy bars and the toilet signs..hilarious:-P