Friday, March 13, 2015

Revision Week Activities

This week was Revision Week at school, which is a week of review before the end of term exams begin next week. 

In a Physical Science we have been learning about electricity. Yesterday we played Jeopardy to review for the exam. I split the class into four teams and they answered questions in categories like Series Circuits, Electric Current and Resistance. By the last question the two top teams were only 50 points apart, so it was pretty tense. Team Special Forces (they chose that name) got the question right and won masweeties (candy). I had brought in some Conversation Hearts that my Mom sent me in a care package (thanks, Mom).  They loved the candy and I think by all the noise and laughter they loved the game too. I will definitely do this again next term.

Ever since I started teaching this unit on Electricity, I have had the School House Rocks "Electricity" song in my head. I decided to show the video to the class today during their free period. Since they had to watch it on a tiny laptop screen, I divided them up into groups of 12 and showed it one group at a time. They really seemed to enjoy it. I even saw a couple kids sneak into subsequent viewings so they could watch it again!

In Biology we have been studying the Human Circulatory System. For Revision Week I had them break up into groups of 5 and present on a topic to the class. Topics included red blood cells, platelets, double circulation and lymph nodes. I suggested they could do a skit or make a poster (I brought in paper and markers) or ask questions of the class. The results were about half the groups read off facts about the structure and function of their topic, while the other half asked questions of their own group members which the group members then answered. So it wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but hopefully they learned something anyway.

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  1. You are such a creative teacher, Stacy. All kids should be so lucky!