Sunday, March 8, 2015


March 1st was the beginning of Mărțișor. Mărțișor marks the beginning of Spring and there are a lot of legends that are associated with its origin ( 

One of the main traditions of celebrating Mărțișor is the giving and receiving of red and white tassels, as seen below. They are pinned over the receiver's heart and are supposed to be worn the whole month of March (or for the 1st week of March, according to some sources). Then on March 31, people remove their tassels and tie them to a blossoming fruit tree, which is supposed to signify health and success for the coming year.

Above are the Mărțișor tassels i've recieved so far in the order i've received them (you can expect to continued to recieve [or give] them throughout the month of March). Who i've received them from from left to right: Mama-G, Natalia (my main partner teacher), one of my students, Grigore (Mama-G's boyfriend).

Below are the same tassels shown individually.

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