Saturday, March 7, 2015

care package!

YAY!! Nothing's better than care packages from home! Like i've mentioned before, it's not necessarily the stuff (although the stuff is definitely GREAT!), it's just knowing you're thought of and cared for back at home...especially when you're super homesick!! 

The story behind the towel: 

Peace Corps Headquarters has a shower...Mama-G, does not. I average going to PC every other week, which is when i get to actually shower, and it's something i long for by the beginning of the 2nd week of not showering. 

I brought 2 REI "quick-dry" towels with me from America. I don't like them because they don't dry well, but they were all i had. I left one at PC, hanging with everyone else's towels in the bathroom, and had one at home, that i actually forgot that i had. 

Like i said, the 1s time i showered at PC, i left my towel hanging in the bathroom with about 20 other PCV towels. When i returned, excited to take my bi-weekly(?) bi-monthly(?) shower, my towel was gone!

A little while later i stayed a night in medical and was given a towel to use for showering. I decided to "borrow" it to use it as my PC towel (since it was PC property anyway and was staying at PC). But i also decided to keep it in my locked locker for safe keeping. 

After showering, i hung it over my locker door to let it dry a little before locking it up, but i forgot about it and left it like that. When i returned to PC for my shower 2 weeks later, it was gone!

So for Christmas, i went on Amazon to make a wish-list and put the weirdest/most unique towel i could find on my list...and what better than a pink shark?! 

My logic is that the REI quick-dry towel and the PC towel were both pretty generic (i've seen 3 other quick-dry towels and 2 other towels that other PCVs probably took from PC medical), so i'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt that my other 2 towels were mistaken for other PCVs' towels.

But this time i know that no one else has a towel like this, so if it goes missing, violence might ensue. ;op 

...I'm not going to mention my drying methods in between towels, i'll just say that i don't want to revisit those times, and i'm SOOOOOOOOOO happy to have my new towel!!! Thanks mom & dad!!!

So, even though the towel is the only picture i took from that care package, it was actually one of the biggest, if not the very biggest, care package i've received and EVERYTHING else that was sent is much appreciated too (MUCH-NEEDED clothes, Trader Joe's treats, MUCH-NEEDED clothes, STICKERS for my students and other "goody-bag" stuff, a portable speaker for my iphone, and did i mention, MUCH-NEEDED clothes??)!! ...I just felt the towel was of the utmost importance and needed to be highlighted! :o]

Again, thanks mom & dad!!! I love you!!!

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