Tuesday, March 17, 2015

and the birthday gifts keep coming!! :o]

Well, it's official, i have the BEST brother, sister-in-law, and nephew in the WORLD!!! Look at all the cool stuff they sent for my birthday!! The group on the left is for my goody bag at school and the group on the right is ALLLLLL MINE!!! :oD

My students are gonna LOVE this stuff!! 

And i LOVE this stuff!!
I got a bunch of Trader Joe's and Starbuck's goodies!!! YAY!!! Also, Elliot made me card and they sent me another hilarious card! 

This owl is sooooooo cute!!! It's for my backpack, which i attached it to immediately! Trista said she wanted to make sure i got it and to let me know it wasn't for the students. I told her, even if it was, i was gonna take it anyway ;op

The BEST kind of card - the HOMEMADE kind!! 


I love and miss you all!! Thanks for EVERYTHING! (My students thank you too!!)

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