Thursday, January 8, 2015

Turkey Vacation - night 3: traditional Turkish dancing & dinner

This is where the owner of the hostel drove us too for dinner and traditional Turkish dancing. It was in a cave-like setting, and we were all the way in the back. But we could still see a lot of it and a lot of people that came in tour groups left early, so we were able to move closer.

The dancing started with the Whirling Dervishes, which is a ceremonial Islamic prayer dance. It's very interesting. They hafta practice a lot, cuz i'd get so dizzy! 

Then karma came for Rosemary and she got to partake in being married off...

Her 1st bachelor was middle-aged Asian Harry Potter...soooo cute and such a great sport, but the crowd told her "NO!"

Her next suiter was younger and in decent shape. So he had to do push-ups...

...and arm wrestling to win Rosemary's hand... he ended up winning due to the crowds support...not by what Rosemary wanted...she would have rather had middle-aged Asian Harry Potter...but i guess it wasn't up to her.

More traditional Turkish dancing.

Belly dancing, of course.

The main attraction belly dancer...

And he's back! Middle-aged Asian Harry Potter! And still being a good sport, despite being dumped by his potential future wife!

The end of the show. 

It was really cool show. It reminded me of a Turkish version of Medieval Times. Not great food, but still entertaining and worth seeing.

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