Thursday, January 8, 2015

Turkey Vacation - day 1: travel

YAY!!! Vacation!!! It was wonderful to get away for 9 days in Turkey with 4 other PCVs! And even though the 1st day ended up being over 12 hours of travel (from 10:30a - 12 midnight to be exact), it was still a GREAT (exhausting) day! 

Air Moldova is surprisingly fancy too! That little knob on the seat is a "coat pull" so people can hang their coats (or whatever else) on it instead of putting them overhead, on their laps, or on the floor...pretty thoughtful!

We ended up waiting on the plane for 1.5 hours before taking off though because we were apparently waiting for another passenger to arrive on the plane... After waiting for 1.5 hours, he arrived and I overheard him tell the people he was sitting next to that the pilot said we'd be taking off in 5 minutes, and we did. By the time we took off, we should've already landed in Turkey and been on a bus on our way to Cappadocia. Thankfully we weren't in a big hurry!

We even got sandwiches on our 1 hour flight to Turkey! It made me think that people who visit America are probably disappointed with American flights...with our tiny, not so great, snacks, that nowadays may even cost money! 

A toilet in the Istanbul airport...that's right...i've gone from squatty potties as the norm in Moldova to toilets with bidets in Turkish airports (and even restaurants, i soon found out!)!

Rosemary's and my 1st purchase in Turkey: super yummy delicious hot chocolate from an Italian coffee shop called Cafe tasted like melted dark chocolate...soooooooo delicious!!!!! That ended up being dinner...thankfully we got those free sandwiches on the plane!

1st Turkey pic! Istanbul reminded me a lot of San Francisco. 

2 taxis, 2 flights, and 2 buses later, we finally arrived to our hostel in Goreme in the region of Cappadocia!...exhausted, hungry, and giddily happy!! 

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