Friday, January 9, 2015

Turkey Vacation - day 5: New Year's Eve in Istanbul!

Sign at airport in Kayseri going to Istanbul..."Dear Passengers, Please inform us regarding your special attention cases mentioned below, this will help us serve you better." Hmmmmm...which one of the below doesn't belong...

Arrived in Istanbul to rain and wind! SOOOOOOO cold!!!!! It had snowed there the days we had been in Cappadocia.

This is the same pic i took on my 1st night in Turkey...looks a little different in the day, but still has a San Francisco vibe, i think. 1st beer in Turkey! Not great, but hey, it's beer! Money is tight, so the cheaper the better.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Turkish pizza w/mint yogurt sauce...DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

The Blue Mosque

New Year's Eve in Taksim Square with Rosza, Rosemary, Christine, and Nate. It was raining and we were all soaking! I guess I should've brought a water-proof winter and learn.

Fresh roasted chestnuts!! So tasty! As Nate describes them, they taste like slightly sweet mashed potatos! 

Out 1st stop of the night. They tried to rip us off, so we paid what we owed and left..thankfully we're not in a Turkish prison somewhere!

Beer and damp TP... sigh

After we quickly snuck out of the place that tried to rip us off, we found a super chill hookah bar about 45 minutes before midnight. It was a great place with super friendly people! We sat in the back and were cold so they put the barrel of hot coals near us so we could get the end of the night, Rosza had melted one of her boots and the hood to my already non-waterproof coat had a hole burned through it...oops!

New Year's shots! Here's to 2015!!!

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