Thursday, January 8, 2015

Turkey Vacation - day 3: around Goreme...even on horseback at one point!

Time to tour Goreme!

1st stop: Goreme Open Air Museum

Whole towns lived in these cave dwellings, complete with homes, schools, churches, and even mortuaries and cemeteries! 


Cemetery...see the 2 skeletons?

Storage room for kitchen.

Famous Turkish ice cream that stretches and is advertised as it being eaten with a fork and knife.

Rosemary got vanilla and berry. I got wonderful was delicious and fun to eat!

Wild horses roam these areas, as seen below.

Funky tree covered in tied on plastic bags.

Let the horse riding begin...2nd time on a horse...

Meet Iysha...she only did random running starts a few times. She was mostly chill. Rosemary's horse went rogue and bucked 2 other horses. Her tail was dyed red and at one point she took off running and all i saw in my peripheral was her red tail flashing before my eyes and hearing Rosemary screaming along...good times ;o]

This is where our horses hiked us to and we stayed for the amazing sunset.

Our view of the valley below.

Our 2 hour ride ended up being more of a 3 hour ride, and my saddle area didn't let me forget that for the next few days. Thankfully none of us went over a cliff or got bucked off our horses or Rosie's horse didn't kill anyone. 

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