Saturday, January 17, 2015

Update on Malawi Storms

All of the intense rain has caused severe flooding in Malawi, particularly in the South. Half of the country has been declared a disaster area. People have lost homes, whole villages have flooded, and so far over 170 people have died. 

All of the PCVs are okay. PC has been closely monitoring the situation and moved all of the PCVs out of the affected areas until it is safe to return. My village was okay when I left, though I did see flooding in other areas of my district. However, the rains started up again and there is supposed to be another system coming in.

Here is an article about the flooding from CNN:

Please keep the people of Malawi in your prayers.


  1. I'll keep the people of Malawi in my prayers. Stay safe.

  2. so glad you made it through all this safely, Stacy!