Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nothing like be welcomed home to Christmas care packages!!! YAY!!

Thanks Cin for the warm socks, made even warmer with the magical chemistry induced heat thingys!! And when i saw the snow on the ground in Moldova when we landed, finding those in my care package were a welcome treat!! THANK YOU!!!!!! And, of course, the card is what really makes my day...hung it on my door right when i got home!!

And to accompany my new warm socks and warmy new warm winter boots!!!! THANK YOU P, T, & E!!!!!!!! Everyone was jealous when i opened them in PC. I took a shower (don't know when the next one will be and i wanted fresh feet goin into my new boots) and immediately put them on! So nice! So comfy! So warm! So WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you Vicky for pseudo mudg and the beautiful thoughful card! Pseudo mudg went straight to my bed and i've actually been favoring her more than my blankey the past few nights! She cradles my head just right...and it's the mudg, so what else is there to say? Your card is hanging on my door so i can see it everyday and think of you and the wonderful person that you have always been, continue to be, and always will be!! Thank you for you love! I love and miss you! Please send my love to your parents! My prayers are with you all!!

This was the first pleasant greeting i saw out of my care package and it brought a big fat smile to my face! It lost some beads along the way...but it held up pretty well for the long journey it's been on! It's a survivor! And i love it! Does it have a name? It's hanging on the dulap (wardrobe) right next to my bed so it's the first thing i see in the morning and the last thing i see at night!!

Love this one too! It's hanging on my door to help keep watch over my closet to keep everything safe! I feel it's a protector. Does it have a name as well?

And, YAY!!! My sheets!! Thank you!!!!!!! I'm sure Mama-G thinks i'm the weirdest person she's ever hosted ;op  She saw them on my bed and said, "Awwww, frumos!" Meaning, "Awwww, pretty!"...really dood? pretty?? I told her they are amuzant (funny), she smiled. She gets it...i think.

They're a little too big for my duvan (futon), but they're PERFECT!!!!

Lil mudg, blankey, mom's super comfy blanket, and Marvel Comics sheets holding down the fort!

Love the pic! I MISS DISNEYLAND!! It's weird, cuz i was never really a crazy Disneyland person, but i've been wanting to go there for months now! How weird! I guess it's a nostalgic thing for missing home, but wutevz...i frkn wanna go to Disneyland!

My set up...The map shows everywhere PC has served in purple. 

My fave gift, thanks mom & dad..."A Charlie Brown Christmas" burnt into simple, yet so nostalgic and meaningful for me...

Then on the other side is the Bible Verse that Linus quoted in the movie, Luke 2:10-11. Then my mudg girlz love ...sooooo perfect!!!! Thanks Mom & Dad!!! I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!!!

And here i am in my super comfy pjs! THANK YOU!!!

They came with this label, which also now hangs on my as to not forget... ;op

Thank you all sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! I LOVE and MISS you and am counting down the days, weeks, months, seasons, and semesters when i get to be with you again!!!!! (19 months on the 13th, 83 weeks, 580 days, 7 seasons (including this one), and 3 semesters to go!!...the semesters sounds most feasible ;o] )

I love you! You are all blessings in my life and i am soooooo grateful to God for all of you!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are so cute in your new pjs. I love the tag!

    I have been missing Disneyland too. How funny! I already told my brother I want to go when I get back. We should do a big group trip! --S

  2. We love and miss you so much too!!! I'll try to attain the names of those abstract pieces of art too:)